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Stoney Baloney | A Narrated Cannabis Column

Aug 21, 2020

I think it is safe to say that New Year’s Eve is the most optimistic day of the year. You can’t deny that whatever is going on in your life, there’s always the inspiring prospect that with the flip of a fresh calendar, the vivid sun emerging over the horizon promises to shine on you with prosperity, casting that rich golden glow onto your fresh start into emerging new areas of success.

Aspiring to a bright future is always exciting. But you know what they say, there’s a sucker born every minute.

It’s similar to getting married. You set off with the best intentions with the faith that you are going to share a life together of wonderment, adventure, discovery, affection, etc. Unfortunately, however, faith is belief in the absence of evidence. And with the divorce rate over fifty percent these days while most of the other fifty percent contemplate the probability of throwing in the towel, there is no lack of evidence. Yet, 6,200 people marry daily in the United States alone.

Here’s the deal with marriage. People think that another person is going to complete them. Which may be true, but only when they find that rare compatible character who is willing to weather the inevitable personality changes with unwavering determination in the effort to evolve together in singular fashion. Which goes against our instinct. Women want to nest, and men want to wander.

Those two traits don’t exactly coincide, do they?

And what inevitably happens on New Year’s Day, is just after changing the calendar, you’re changing diapers. And then you’re changing the channel. Which is ironic, because realistically, nothing really changes at all.

So why is it that the inevitable arrival of deflated sentiment on that day diminishes your reluctance toward Cannabis as a reasonable substitute to alcohol?

Is it the hangover?