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Stoney Baloney | A Narrated Cannabis Column

Apr 3, 2020

Try to share your beer with just about anyone these days and they’ll thanklessly grimace at your unsanitary gesture. You may as well have just mauled a garlic seasoned smelt melt and then offered them a French Kiss. “Germs are microscopic,” they think to themselves. “How can I be certain I won’t catch a cold sore?”

Or perpetuate a pandemic.

If it’s a fancy cocktail in a martini glass, a polite person may reach for the nearest straw to dip and taste from, or maybe even find an untouched side of the rim to sip, but someone would have to be pretty hammered to plant their lips onto the open-ended bottle of brewski that’s still glistening from your last tug. And to be quite honest, the person who impulsively follows your swallow is not necessarily someone you want to be sharing DNA with, either.

It’s a hyper prudent social climate we live in. These are tenuous times. The rules have changed.

Offer up a dab, however, and no one blinks an eye.

Or a bong hit, or a spliff, or a pipe, or a jay, or a gravity rip, it just doesn’t matter so long as it’s marijuana. And I believe that it has nothing to do with the fact that cannabis is medicine, because I’ve never returned home with a bottle of Nyquil that didn’t come with a washable plastic measuring cup attached to the lid. But the last time I bought a vape cart, there was no removable sanitary rubber for the tip.

So why is it that when offering someone your drink people get grossed out, yet when it’s a puff, they respond with delight?

I think I know the answer.

Because we inherently trust cannabis. So, it makes sense that we also trust the user.

With booze it is the complete opposite.