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Stoney Baloney | A Narrated Cannabis Column

Nov 27, 2023

Where is this gate of which they speak?

The one that you carelessly enter that leads you into a string of bad decisions, eventually overtaking your better sense of judgment where you surrender to any resistance against an ugly dependency on cocaine and heroin.

It starts out harmlessly, just a couple puffs on a joint...

Nov 20, 2023

Everyone has known a fat guy that parties, right? Well, maybe not orthodox religious zealots, but that’s just because they don’t have a buddy who drinks, does blow, drops Molly, and then drenches his clothes with sweat from bouncing erratically on the dance floor to seizure-inducing EDM.

Your loss, peeps.


Nov 13, 2023

People are desperate to escape. And the self-administering of mind-altering substances is the quickest method for your surefire jailbreak from life’s doldrums. However, as these poisons are a guaranteed way to stimulate the synapses for easy access into La La Land, sleeping off the hangovers is a bitch.

If you wake...

Nov 6, 2023

She used to be more fun. You could ask her where to bury a dead body, and her reply was playfully non-resistant, on board for a senseless jab. But something happened because she appears to have lost her sense of humor. What, did she get indicted for a murder charge?

Did we get married?

We had such a fresh love affair...